Home Buying Process


Understanding client needs and motivations are integral to producing positive results and building long- term relationships. Macdonald Realty agents are licensed real estate professionals who work within a legal framework called Agency. Agency provides the real estate agents the authority to represent your interests when dealing with other parties

Buyer Agency

Buying and selling real estate is often one of the largest transactions that most of us will make. The experience can be thrilling, financially rewarding, and stressful. A professional buyer’s agent will assist you through this process, and guide you through some of the pitfalls that greet potential property owners.

Engaging an agent is an exclusive arrangement between agent and client, and ensures that your best interests are always protected. Macdonald Realty agents pride themselves on being industry leaders and possess an array of professional skills not commonly found in today’s real estate industry.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Determine exactly how much you can afford before we start looking. Your dream home could arrive on day one of your search. Lets’ get prepared.

Sit down with a mortgage specialist to discuss your financial strategy and needs including: mortgage amount, down payment, and purchase price. They’ll explain your mortgage options (fixed vs. variable rate, interest terms, payment options, and amortization) and discuss which of them best suit your needs. At that point you would proceed with the pre-approval paperwork.

Off-Market Listings

A custom MLS property search will be tailored to match your criteria and notify you before a home is made public on the Internet. As your buyer’s agent, I will also utilize my network to find potential off-market opportunities to present to you.

transaction cost

  • Lawyer’s Fees
  • Costs of Clearing Title including
  • Real Estate Commission
  • GST on Real Estate Commission (5%)
  • Home Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Lawyer or Notary fees and expenses
  • 4. Insurance
  • Property Transfer Tax
  • 6. GST on new construction


Provided that an inspection was one of the subject conditions of your offer, you will schedule a home inspection after the offer has been accepted by the seller(s). Often, particularly in multiple offer situations, a pre-inspection will be conducted before you make your offer.

common subject clauses

The purpose of ‘subject clauses’ is to allow a particular party (buyer or seller) a specific period of time to confirm and clarify specific types of information integral to the purchase and sale of property. While there are hundreds of potential subject clauses, typically, when buying a detached single family home, there are at minimum five subject clauses that are placed within the contract.

market conditions

It is important to know the current market conditions are in the area you are looking. Here are some terms to help you get acquainted.